About Us

Empowering Malayali Entrepreneurs: A Vision for MalayaliBusiness.com

Why List on  MalayaliBusiness.com?

Greetings, Malayali entrepreneurs!

Malayalibusiness.com is a prestigious project of Alwafaa, the pioneers of the IT and digital marketing solution sector in the UAE. The project is getting launched as the first global digital directory integrating multiple online platforms associated with the businesses of registered clients. Initially, the project is planned for malayali businessmen based in UAE and will be available for GCC and other world countries sooner. In this platform, the Business website to social media platforms of the business and its representatives, product/service orientations, video demonstrations or interviews, etc., will get featured.

Our Mission

To empower you in showcasing your products and services within our vibrant community. We’re dedicated to providing a platform that grants you greater control in the aspiring market, ensuring direct access to potential clients without the need for intermediaries.

Our Objectives:

Empowerment: We believe in empowering Malayali businesses by providing a space where you have full control over your offerings. This enables you to present your unique products and services directly to our community.

Direct Connectivity: Our platform facilitates direct communication between business owners and customers, fostering authentic connections. No more middlemen – just direct engagement with your audience.

User-Friendly Packages: We’re committed to enhancing your experience. Stay tuned for user-friendly packages designed to cater to your business needs. Simple, efficient, and tailored to help you grow.

Our Vision:

Looking ahead, our vision is a thriving ecosystem where Malayali entrepreneurs  flourish. We aim to create a space where innovation meets tradition, and where businesses have the tools they need to succeed.

Registered businesses can also perform as a trading hub, with the leads. Along with the business transactions generated through this platform, anyone accessing this platform can also contribute their reviews on businesses, which could induce the business with marketing as well. External reviews of business posted on any online platform, get visible with advanced integration features as well.

Join us on this journey of growth and opportunity. MalayaliBusiness.com is more than a platform; it’s a community that understands your aspirations and is dedicated to helping you achieve them.

Here’s to your success!