Nearly twenty years ago, has been building name«Al-Rajhi Company for the construction and reconstruction of Contracting and Real Estate Investment»where Habbeina resources, knowledge and personnel to do any engineering work and we have a proven track record in dealing seamlessly with all departments and agencies and ministries, banks and government and non-governmental departments, and along those years we had experience grew day after day «thankfully» supported also the quality of work and mastery, where we spend time record in kindness and provisions of the belief that the control of God Almighty above any control and Tovsag, and God is not pleased, but that the insured work on the complete picture and this was confirmed by the Messenger Muhammad bin Abdullah Allah bless him and headed where he said: (God loves when one of you to do it well). With the support of the national economy, we realize that we make great efforts to be in a position that allows us to live up to that responsibility, and strive to achieve our goals, which is to integrity, honesty, responsibility and full and genuine respect for the rules and ethics of the profession because we want to be trustworthy for all our customers. We understand that the coming period full of economic challenges, political, social, and we are quite confident that we have the tools and personnel necessary to overcome this challenge, and through our human resources enormous. May God help us in achieving what it set up access to what is good to serve our beloved country of Saudi Arabia and ask God for success in the whole matter.

The company will continue to distinguish the application of quality system in technical management in the implementation of projects and attract technical and administrative excellent competencies and raising the level of its employees and to provide support and training for them and introduce them to techniques and modern requirements accompanying regional and global development, as Al Rajhi pay for the construction and reconstruction interest very important customers of government ministries and private departments work with.

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