Learning Indian classical dance is impossible without the internal-improvement. This path is open to everyone and we would love to help not only to dance beautifuly but also y, but to become a harmonious personality. The goal is to simultaneously train the body, mind and spirit. If you have inner harmony, it will manifest itself in all your activities, at work, at school, in sports, relationships with other people, in your thoughts and feelings. The way of dancing is a way of life. Your age and experience doesn’t matter.

Kuchipudi is based on the main PRANAVAM principles of the ancient art of teaching dancing drama.

The Natya Sastra tells us about rules of dancing art called sastras fine arts is often called by its second name “the Fifth Veda”. First, because the knowledge contained in it, are as precious as the first of the four VEDAS. Second, because, all key aspects of the dance were taken directly from the four VEDAS: literature from the RIGVEDA, music from SAMAVEDA, forms of artistic expression – abhinaya – from YAJURVEDA, and ways of expressing senses – Rasa from ATHARVAVEDA.

Natya Shastra shows to future generations an example of a harmonious way of life corresponding to the divine law – DHARMA. A person who lives according to the laws of Dharma will automatically attain wealth Artham and will be able to fulfill his dreams Kama An honest man ready to work hard earns a good name in their field –ASSAMA.

Kuchipudi, like all other Indian classical dances, is very symbolic. One dancer`s gesture can mean a word, a phrase, and even to remind the audience about the mythological events and ancient legends. To be able to enjoy the art fully, the viewer must understand its symbolism. In the Articles section you will find interesting information about the heroes of Indian classical dance and their characters.

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